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VBS DIY Buttons

DIY Button Maker Set

Quickly and easily make buttons for VBS or Sunday School. Choose from our ready made designs or make your own. Follow the steps below for 24 new buttons in no time! For more help, click here to see our video tutorial!


Included in the Set, #KP3496:

48 2.5″ blank paper inserts

48 2.5″ clear plastic covers

1 white button maker (flower shape)

24 plastic buttons

Extra Supplies:

Washable Markers, #KP1084

Crayons, #028690

Colored Pencils, #KP1085

Pencil – Shop Pencils

Stickers – Shop Stickers

Free Downloadable Templates: #KP3452

Scissors, if using a template


  1. Prepare the insert paper for your own design. Use the main round button base to trace. Center the base in the middle of the insert paper and trace lightly with a pencil.
  1. Use markers, colored pencils or crayons to create your own design for your button. Anything inside the circle guideline you traced will show on the front of the button. You can color the full paper so the side are colorful once the button is formed. TIP: Draw your own art, download a design or use our round stickers to make your buttons. NOTE: For stickers, skip step one and center the sticker on the middle of a paper insert. For a downloaded template, simply download, print, color and cut the design out – you will not need the paper inserts for a printed download.
  2. Once your artwork is finished, erase the guideline you traced with pencil.
  1. Position a clear plastic cover over your designed insert paper.
  1. Hold the insert paper and the plastic cover together so they stay aligned. Turn them upside down and place them over the white button maker (flower shaped piece).
  2. Place the main round button base upside down on top of the insert paper.
  3. Once you have the pieces stacked and centered in this order, (button maker on bottom, plastic cover, paper insert, and button base on top) push the button base down into the button maker while carefully holding the paper and plastic cover to keep them all centered.
  1. After you push in, place your fingers under the flexible flower petals of the button maker and pull up and around to form the paper and plastic cover around the button base. You can use your fingers to push the edges in and down as shown.
  1. With ridges facing down, place the button back in the center of the button that is still in the button maker. Push down so the paper and plastic are kept inside.
  2. Place the small pink disk in the center and screw it into place. You do not need to unlatch the pin, you can  use the pin to hold onto and screw the disk into place.
  1. Remove the completed button from the button maker – TA-DA you have a button that is ready to wear!

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