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The Best Kids’ Table Activities for Thanksgiving

How to have the best Kids’ Table

Thanksgiving is a time to eat good food, enjoy the company of family and friends, unplug and play. It is especially important to make sure everyone at the kids’ table has a good time! We have a few tips that will help make your kids’ table something fun and memorable!

  • Design-Your-Own Sipper Cups
  • Turkey Treat Cup
    • This is a fun craft for kids that they can fill with toys and treats and take home with them! You will need 8 oz. Paper Party Cups, glue sticks, construction paper, wiggle eyes and of course, treats! Print out our Free Craft Template, cut out and trace the pieces to make the parts of the turkey! Fill with candy and small toys for the kids to take home from the Thanksgiving celebration.
  • Thanksgiving Activity Placemat
    • This placemat is functional and fun – just download and print our Activity Placemat! Set the kids’ table with these placemats to keep the table clean and the kids entertained. Pair with Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils. Each placemat features fall colorables, tic-tac-toe game boards, a criss-cross word puzzle, a dot game board and a “5 Things I’m Grateful For…” list. Feel free to include this activity in your coloring contest as well!
  • Toy Chest
    • Keep kids entertained with small toys and trinkets at the table. Try Yo-Yos, Rolling Ball Games, Flipping Frogs & more! You can even include some candy – it is a day to pig out, after all! Allow the kids to take these toys and candy home with them in their Turkey Treat Cups!

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Thanksgiving Activity Downloads

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