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2019 Santa Shop Benefits:

  • You choose what you want to sell in your shop from our wide selection of unique and family-friendly items.
  • Most items are sold in bulk and priced for you to make money for your school.
  • You can decide your own retail prices and control your school’s profit.
  • Orders will be shipped within 24 hours or held until your desired ship date. Orders placed before 2 p.m. EST will ship same day. Orders placed on weekends will ship the next business day.
  • Extended Payment Terms are available. Apply for Net 60 Terms on Santa Shop orders in November.
  • Free Shipping for orders over $49.99
  • Restocking Fees reduced to 10% for Santa Shop returns received by Jan. 15, 2020. Products must be returned in full units purchased. Click here for our full Shipping and Return Policy.
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On Sale! Holiday Springs
On Sale! Angel Halos

Angel Halos

$6.59 $5.59 / Bag
On Sale! Christmas Finger Puppets
On Sale! Green Derby Hats
On Sale! Fuzzy Wig

Fuzzy Wig

$3.99 $2.99 / Each

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On Sale! Puff Ball Keychains

Puff Ball Keychains

$14.99 $13.99 / Display
On Sale! Feathered Butterfly Pens
On Sale! Fun Shape Pens

Fun Shape Pens

$6.49 $5.49 / Display
On Sale! Squish N Squeez'em Keychains
On Sale! Hand Fidgetz Spinner Bottle Openers
On Sale! Birthstone Silicone Bracelets
On Sale! Inspirational Wristbands
On Sale! Christian Message Magnets
On Sale! Neon Wood Faith Bracelets
On Sale! Animal Print Wooden Rings
On Sale! T-Shirt LED Lights

T-Shirt LED Lights

$9.49 $8.49 / Display
On Sale! Multi-Strand Charm Bracelets
On Sale! Neon Zipper Necklaces
On Sale! Magnet Pen Pals

Magnet Pen Pals

$10.99 $9.99 / Display
On Sale! Stretch Key Rings

Stretch Key Rings

$7.49 $6.49 / Display
On Sale! WWJD Yolo Wristbands

WWJD Yolo Wristbands

$5.99 $4.99 / Display
On Sale! Clip-On LED Lights

Clip-On LED Lights

$11.99 $10.99 / Display
On Sale! Flower Beaded Toe Rings
On Sale! Balance Pro Bracelets
On Sale! Pink Angel Pins

Pink Angel Pins

$10.99 $9.99 / Display
On Sale! Jeweled Silicone Bracelets
On Sale! Elastic Phone Holders

Elastic Phone Holders

$10.99 $9.99 / Display
Glitter Pens

Glitter Pens

$29.95 / Display
On Sale! Glitter Cell Wallets

Glitter Cell Wallets

$20.99 $19.99 / Display
On Sale! Dazzling Bling Rings

Dazzling Bling Rings

$12.99 $11.99 / Display

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Showing all 49 results

On Sale! Lucite Car Vent Photo Frames
On Sale! Neon Pinwheel Pens

Showing all 81 results

On Sale! Sport Ball Foam Rockets
On Sale! Cross Bubble Necklaces
On Sale! Western Cowboy Set
On Sale! 4" x 6" American Flags
On Sale! Peace & Love Erasers
On Sale! Butterfly Kites

Butterfly Kites

$2.95 $1.95 / Each
On Sale! Jesus Loves You Stampers
On Sale! Plastic Racing Cups
On Sale! Mini Pop Tops

Mini Pop Tops

$5.99 $4.99 / Box
On Sale! Plastic Badmitton Sets
On Sale! Pop Top Pals

Pop Top Pals

$7.99 $6.99 / Dozen
On Sale! Neon Pinwheel Pens
On Sale! Silicone Prayer Bracelets
On Sale! Angel Halos

Angel Halos

$6.59 $5.59 / Bag
On Sale! Skipping Disk Games
On Sale! Mustache Slapz

Mustache Slapz

$6.99 $5.99 / Dozen
On Sale! Wooden Beaded Bracelets
On Sale! 12 Pack Crayons
On Sale! Mini Waterpaint Sets
On Sale! Heart Inflates

Heart Inflates

$7.99 $6.99 / Bag
On Sale! Neon Blue Punk Wig
On Sale! Blue Cowboy Hat

Blue Cowboy Hat

$3.69 $2.69 / Each
On Sale! Animal Print Rings
On Sale! Girly Metallic Slap Bracelets
On Sale! Foam Stick Puppet Craft Sets
On Sale! Engineer Cap

Engineer Cap

$3.99 $2.99 / Each
On Sale! Galileo Thermometer
On Sale! Natural Wood Pop Gun
On Sale! TV Insect Stamps
On Sale! Green & White Vinyl Shakers
On Sale! Two Tone Satin Weave Bracelets
On Sale! Big Bling Bracelets
On Sale! Foam Mosaic Craft Sets
On Sale! God Sightings Notebooks
On Sale! Eyeball Super Balls
On Sale! Yarn Buddy Craft Sets
On Sale! Christmas Finger Puppets
On Sale! Mini Eggs

Mini Eggs

$2.95 $1.95 / Bag
On Sale! Blue Sequin Fashion Fedora
On Sale! Plastic Horseshoe Sets
On Sale! Fuzzy Wig

Fuzzy Wig

$3.99 $2.99 / Each
On Sale! Guitar Sunglasses

Guitar Sunglasses

$17.99 $16.99 / Bag
On Sale!
On Sale! Birthday Tiaras
On Sale! Pencil Assortment

Pencil Assortment

$22.99 $21.99 / Box
On Sale! Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

$19.99 $18.99 / Bag
On Sale! Flying Pig Hat

Flying Pig Hat

$3.69 $2.69 / Bag
On Sale! Squiggle Cut Craft Scissors
On Sale! Glamour Gal Hat

Glamour Gal Hat

$4.99 $3.99 / Each
On Sale! Mirror Back Keychains
On Sale! Frog Pen Keychains
On Sale! Zoo Animal Sand Molds
On Sale! Boy & Girl Pen Keychains
On Sale! Prayer Bracelets

Prayer Bracelets

$8.99 $7.99 / Dozen
On Sale! Silicone Birthstone Charm Bands
On Sale! Hip Girl Nail Files
On Sale! Hip Girl Tweezers

Hip Girl Tweezers

$4.99 $3.99 / Dozen
On Sale! Dribble Glasses
On Sale! Frog Friend Pens

Frog Friend Pens

$13.99 $12.99 / Bag
On Sale! White Paper Lanterns
On Sale! Magic Banks

Magic Banks

$17.99 $16.99 / Bag
On Sale! Zodiac Sign Slap Bracelets
On Sale! Yellow Plaid Fashion Fedora
On Sale! Fuzzy Love Pillows
On Sale! Elegant Rings

Elegant Rings

$16.99 $15.99 / Box
On Sale! Sequin Pink Star Fashion Fedora
On Sale! Multi Wrap Charm Bracelets
On Sale! Designer Laser Light Pen Keychains
On Sale! Loomz Crooks

Loomz Crooks

$1.99 $0.99 / Bag
On Sale! Giant Ear iPhone Cases
On Sale! Jungle Animal Yo-Yos
On Sale! Blue Plaid Fashion Fedora
On Sale! Silicone Cassette Cell Cases