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Pom Pom Frog Craft

Pom Pom Frog Craft

Super fun (and easy!) craft for spring time! Make little animals like this frog in the classroom, at Sunday School or even at home!


For each frog, you’ll need:

Assorted Chenille Stems, #KP3282

Assorted Craft Pom Poms, #KP3281

Assorted Wiggle Eyes, #KP3283

School Glue


Permanent Black Marker


  1. Using school glue, glue 2 medium-sized pom poms to the top of 1 large pom pom, set aside to dry.
  2. Meanwhile, cut a green chenille stem in half.
  3. Bend the chenille stem as shown. You will want the loop to be about as tall as the large pom pom. Trim the foot to make it shorter.
  4. Once the pom poms are dry and secure, glue a bent leg on each side as shown. TIP: Angle them forward a little to make the frog stand up better.
  5. When the glue dries on the legs, glue 2 10 mm wiggle eyes in the center of each medium pom pom.
  6. Using school glue, draw a mouth on the large pom pom. Once dry, trace over it with a black permanent marker.
  7. You can make frogs in all shapes and sizes with different size pom poms and wiggle eyes!

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