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Fish Paper Plate Craft

Fish Paper Plate Craft

Dive in deep with this under the sea themed craft! With only a few supplies, you can make crafts to decorate your event or for kids to take home after VBS.


Blue Paper Party Plate, #28980

Assorted Color Tissue Squares, #KP3495

15mm Wiggle Eye, #KP3283

Tape (Invisible, washi or masking)

School Glue



  1. Cut paper plate as shown.
  1. Turn the plate over so the white side is facing up. Position parts as shown. Glue the tail in place with liquid school glue. TIP: use tape to hold parts in place while glue dries.
  1. Using school glue, begin gluing the tissue squares to the side of the tail to create the scales. Overlap the squares and glue a row at a time.
  2. Continue adding overlapping rows of tissue squares in alternating colors until about half of the plate is covered.
  3. Glue the wiggle eye as shown.

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