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Easter Egg Hunt Tips & Tricks


  1. Color Code the Eggs for each Child
    • Let the children pick their favorite color or assign a color for each of them to hunt! This way, every child will end up with the same amount of prizes at the end. You can also hide the eggs in more difficult places for older children and easier places for the little ones.
  2. Choose Prizes that aren’t Candy!
    • Fill the eggs with more than just candy! Small toys, keychains and jewelry fit in Easter eggs easily and will make for a better surprise when opened.
  3. Include “Tickets” or “Coupons”
    • Prizes aren’t the only things you can put in eggs. Try putting “tickets” or “coupons” in the eggs for children to find. They can redeem them for things like a trip to the movies or a bowl of their favorite ice cream. Get creative and customize them for what you know the children will enjoy.
  4. Turn your hunt into a Scavenger Hunt
    • To make the “hunt” even more challenging, hide clues in each of the eggs that lead to the location of the next egg. At the end, children will find their Easter baskets!
  5. Designate one Special Egg & Prize
    • Pick one special egg and decorate it to stand out – you could spray paint it, cover it in stickers, or decorate however you like! Pick a special prize for whoever finds this egg, maybe it is $10, a stuffed animal, the possibilities are endless!

How do you make your Easter Egg hunt unique?