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Dental Prizes for Kids Under $1

Filling a prize bin for patients can be tricky, especially if you are trying to remain under budget. Luckily for you, we have put together a quick and easy guide to finding inexpensive prizes that will still be a big hit with the kids. Each will have kids excited to practice good dental hygiene.

Bendable Toothbrushes – $20.95/bag of 24, just 87¢ each!

Dental Coloring Books – $2.50/bag of 12, just 20¢ each!

Dental Rubber Ducks – $7.95/bag of 12, just 66¢ each!

Sticky Teeth – $8.95/bag of 48, just 19¢ each!

Dental Tattoos – $4.95/bag of 144, just 3¢ each!

Great Checkup Wristbands – $3.95/bag of 12, just 33¢ each!

Tooth Fairy Necklaces – $6.99/bag of 144, just 5¢ each!

Tooth Pens – $3.99/bag of 12, just 33¢ each!

Dental Stickers – $1.50/roll of 100, just 2¢ each!

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