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Halloween Jokes for your Puppet Show!

When writing the script for your Halloween Puppet Show, you’ll want to make sure you are going to get lots of laughs! We’ve got you covered with some punny Halloween jokes, sure to get a laugh at the classroom Halloween party!

  • What’s a mummy’s favorite kind of music?
    • WRAP music!
  • Why can you tell a mummy a secret?
    • They’re good at keeping things under wraps!
  • How do you fix a broken jack-o-lantern?
    • With a pumpkin patch!
  • What did one jack-o-lantern say to the other?
    • Cut it out!
  • My favorite vegetable is candy corn!
  • Halloween jokes are so corny!
  • Where do ghosts go on a Saturday night?
    • Anywhere they can Boo-gie!
  • What did the ghost teacher say to her class?
    • Watch the board and I’ll go through it again!
  • Have a fang-tastic Halloween!
  • What is a vampire’s favorite holiday?
    • Fangs-giving!
  • What’s a monster’s favorite dessert?
    • I-Scream!
  • Where do monsters go swimming?
    • The dead sea!

Click below to download free Halloween puppet crafts! Pair with the Puppet Show Theater for a truly spooky show.

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Free YARD-ZEE Scorecard Printables!


Yard-zee is your new favorite game to play this summer! All you need are Inflatable Dice and scorecards, and you’re in luck because we have both of those right here!

What is Yard-zee?

Yard-zee takes a classic dice game and moves it outdoors! This dice game is a lawn game that you can play with as many players as you like.


What do you need to play?

You will need 5 Inflatable Dice for each game. Each player will need their own scorecard to keep track of their scores. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND DOWNLOAD FREE PRINTABLE SCORECARDS.

How do you score?

In Yard-zee, you will attempt to fill out every box on your scorecard with a number of points. You may only fill each box once. Each box on the card tells you how to score. On each turn, you will fill in one of the boxes on your scorecard based on the requirements given on the scorecard. If you are unable to meet any of the requirements that turn, you must enter a “0” in the box of your choosing. At the end, add up your total score – the player with the most points wins!

How do you play?

You can play Yard-zee with as many players as you would like. To begin, determine who will go first! Common methods of choosing include allowing the youngest to go first, or rolling one of the dice to see who gets the highest number.

When it is your turn, roll all five of the dice. After you roll, you may choose to re-roll some of the dice to try for a higher score. Determine which dice you would like to roll again, and roll them for a second time. After you roll for the second time, you may roll one more time to try for the highest score. Choose which dice you would like to keep and which you would like to roll again, and roll the dice for a third time. After you have completed, choose how you will score the dice and fill in the box on your scorecard. Note: if you are happy with your dice after the first or second roll, you do not have to keep rolling the dice.

Keep playing until all players have taken 13 turns and filled all of the boxes on their scorecards. Add up the point totals and determine the winner!

Why should you play it?

Yard-zee is a fun outdoor game that encourages critical thinking and helps children keep their mathematics skills sharp over the summer! This is a fun game to play with kids, but it is also ideal for outdoor parties and tailgates.

Pro Tips

  • Include prizes for the winners, like an inflatable trophy or a crown.
  • Reuse your scorecards to save paper. Laminate your scorecards, keep score with a dry erase marker and wipe away when you are finished!

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Field Day Games for Any Age

Weather is warming up and the school year is winding down, you know what that means… Field Day! Divide students or players into teams to compete in these and other field day games. Let us know what Field Day Games are your favorites!

Game: Bean Bag Toss

How to Play: Designate target areas in which to throw the bean bags. This can be done in many ways. Bean bags can be tossed into buckets, hula hoops spread out on the ground, or you can draw your own targets with chalk or lawn paint. Each target should have a designated point value. For example, the closest target may be worth ten points and the farthest worth fifty points. Make a “stand behind” line using chalk or tape. Give players 3 tries to hit the targets and get as many points as possible for their team!

What You’ll Need: Bean Bags; ChalkHula Hoops; Buckets;

Pro Tip: Try using Bouncy Balls for an extra challenge!

Game: Hula Hoop Contest

How to Play: Music is a must for this game! Start a song or playlist and whoever can keep their hula hoop around their waist for the longest wins.

What You’ll Need: Hula Hoops; Speakers;

Game: Balloon Squeeze Race

How to Play: Have two players hold an inflated balloon between their stomachs. If they drop the balloon they must return to the finish line. The team to make it to the finish line first without dropping their balloon wins!

What You’ll Need: 11″ Balloons;

Pro Tip: Make it a relay race between teams to really get players excited!

Game: Ring Toss

How to Play: This is so simple! Similar to Bean Bag Toss, set a “stand behind” line and give players five chances to land their rings on the targets – each target has its own point value. The team or player with the most points wins.

What You’ll Need: Inflatable Ring Toss Set


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St. Patrick’s Day Bingo Printables!

Mark your calendars for St. Patrick’s Day, March 17! Planning your St. Patrick’s Day celebration should be as easy as it is fun. Bingo is the perfect activity for a classroom party, church gathering or any other celebration! Kids, adults and seniors alike are known to enjoy a game or two of bingo here and there.

Lucky for you, hosting a game of bingo is now even easier! Click Here for free St. Paddy’s Day Bingo Printables! 30 standard 1-75 bingo cards are included (with a lucky free space, of course 🍀). We recommend printing on cardstock for more study bingo cards. Use green cardstock if you want to get really festive!

Now all you need are bingo markers and prizes!

We opted to use candy or pennies as markers – both are fun, festive and cost effective! For a little added treat, let bingo players keep their markers at the end, that way everyone is a winner.

Shop our Toys & Novelties Section for prizes that are sure to delight everyone at the part. Good Luck 😉🍀

Download and Print your FREE Bingo Cards CLICK HERE

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Easy & Low Budget Carnival Games & Activities

Having trouble planning your school or organization’s fall carnival? Look no further! Games and activities will keep guests entertained all night long and have them looking forward to your next fun event!

  1. Dice Game – The best part about this game is that you make the rules! Have players roll the dice 1, 2 or 3 times to win. Maybe 3 of a kind wins, or maybe 3 in a row wins!

What You’ll Need: Dice; take it to the next level with Inflatable Dice – the game becomes a larger yard or outdoor game!

  1. Duck Pond – This is a very simple game for even the smallest of children. Even better, every player is a winner. Label ducks with numbers 1, 2, & 3, each corresponding to a category of prizes! Or, mark the ducks with numbers or letters that match, players must pull 2 ducks that match in order to win.

What You’ll Need: Rubber Ducks, a “pond” and a permanent marker. Choose from many rubber ducks to fit your event’s theme.

  1. Photo Booth – for when guests want to take a break from the carnival games! Set up a station designated for picture taking. You can provide a camera, hire a photographer, or even have a selfie stick available so guests can take their own photos.

What You’ll Need: A backdrop & props! Try this gold foil backdrop, or DIY one out of leftover carnival tickets. Props can range from clown accessories to silly hats. Browse here. Try a selfie stick or selfie button to make this even easier.

  1. Lollipop Tree – Not only is this a classic carnival game, it is so easy to set up! Mark the bottom of lollipop sticks with different colors, each color corresponds to a different prize category. Players choose a lollipop from the assortment to find their prize – plus each player gets to keep the lollipop they choose, so everyone is a winner!

What You’ll Need: Dum Dums and a lollipop tree!

  1. Jousting – Two competitors stand atop pedestals, battling to knock the other off first! If playing with children, make sure to have a safe and padded area so no one gets hurt.

What You’ll Need: Pedestals and Inflatable Jousting Sticks.

  1. Ring toss – Players throw the rings to win prizes! Set categories of prizes ahead of time, the more rings they get on the poles, the bigger the prize!

What You’ll Need: This one is easy! All you need is an Inflatable Ring Toss Set.

  1. Candy guessing – Fill a jar or cup with candy and have attendees guess how much is in the jar! At the end of the night, whoever guessed the closest is the winner.

What You’ll Need: Loose candy, like jelly beans, Smarties, or Jolly Ranchers; a container or cup to hold them in (winner gets to keep it!) You can use a clear jar, or for an extra challenge try using a Roughneck Mug.

Don’t forget the prizes for each game! Check out the Carnival Prize Guide for tips & tricks.

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Carnival Prizes of all Sizes

When planning your spring carnival, one of the most important things to consider is the prizes! What games will have what prizes? What prizes will your guests love? How do guests win the prizes? Luckily, we have a guide for carnival prizes of all sizes – this way you can make sure every game has a prize and every player is a winner, big or small.

Small – Make sure everyone is a winner! Small prizes that come in bulk packages are the best way to make sure no one goes home empty handed. Try things like Parajumpers, Finger Traps, or Dum Dum Pops.

Medium – Unique toys & trinkets make great carnival prizes because kids will want to try to collect as many as they can! Things like Emoji Yo-Yos, Dino Puffer Pals, and Mini Magic Cubes are perfect prizes for when they aren’t quite big winners at the carnival.

Large – This is the prize everyone at the carnival will want, they’ll spend their whole time at the carnival trying to beat the games just to win this. For something big that won’t break the bank try a Giant Emoji Pal, a Monkey Inflate, or a Drone!

Better yet, shop our Carnival Packages to get prizes big and small all in one easy package. Good luck planning!

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Kipp Turns 138!

Kipp Brothers is celebrating a birthday! February 2018 marks the 138th year of business. What started as a store for toys, musical instruments, sporting goods & more has evolved into a novelty and party supply destination in the heart of Indiana. In honor of this exciting time, we decided to look back at Kipp’s history over the past 138 years and highlight the significant dates. These are the moments in history that have allowed Kipp Brothers to become what it is today:

1880 – Kipp Brothers was founded in Indianapolis by Albrecht and Robert Kipp as a wholesaler of novelty items. The company was small, operating mainly in the Midwest and with fewer than 30 employees.

1893 – The business incorporated as Kipp Bros. Company with the intention to manufacture and sell wholesale items. The goal was to manufacture and purchase original products and sell them for personal use and to other retailers for commercial use.

1920 – With the passing of Albrecht Kipp Sr., his son took over the business allowing for a second generation of Kipp to control the company.

1939 – The Kipp family passed the company to new hands, leaving behind a legacy distinguished by high quality, unique products.

2011 – Present owner Todd Green purchased Kipp Brothers and moved it to its new home in Greenfield, IN. The new building housed a 250,000 square ft. warehouse filled with fun and unique items, as well as a retail store where customers can browse all of the items featured in the catalog and on the web.

2018 – Kipp Brothers celebrates 138 years of success, continuing to provide wholesale toys and novelties to the nation. Every birthday is a celebration of another successful year, and the hopes of many more to come. Kipp Brothers has remained in the business of fun each and every year, and looks to bring that fun to others, on birthdays and other special occasions. Plan your next birthday party with these handpicked items that will bring your celebration to the next level and usher in many more years of fun.

No one knows more about throwing a birthday celebration than Kipp! Shop our gifts, party supplies, favors and more for your own celebration.

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6 Games to make your Fall Carnival a Success

When it comes to planning a carnival, a huge part of the preparation is in the games. It is important to have a game or activity for everybody and to pick games/activities that appeal to a large group of people and that take minimal set up. Remember, when you are setting up a game you need to have multiple starting lines so different aged players can be involved. The best way to run games is by selling tickets and then making each game a set number of tickets. Below are six of the biggest hits among carnival games:

  1. Squirt the Mascot
    Start by decorating a sheet of plywood to look like your mascot with a circle cut out for the face.  Then, have volunteers in rain ponchos and sunglasses sit behind the plywood with their face through the cutout.  The object of the game is to squirt them in the face with a squirt gun.  The biggest attraction is when the volunteers are teachers or principals.
  1. Bean Bag Toss
    All you need for this game is a decorated sheet of plywood with holes cut out as your targets and some Bean Bags. The rules are that each player gets to throw 3 bean bags and a prize is given based on how many go through. Tip: Have two or three sets of bean bags available to keep the game running quickly and smoothly.
  1. Duck Pond
    This classic carnival game is fun and easy! You’ll need a baby pool filled with water and rubber ducks. All you have to do is put a number on the bottom of the ducks that coordinate with a prize category.  For example 1 = Glow Putty, 2 = Slap Bracelet, 3 = Mini Hip Hop Hoppers
  1. Box Maze
    This unique attraction is sure to be a hit at your next carnival. Take multiple big boxes to create a big maze within a dark room. Then, give each person that enters a flashlight and let them go through. Use a stop watch to time each person and give a prize based on the amount of time it took to complete the maze!
  1. Lollipop Tree
    For this game you need a wood or cardboard “tree” with holes cutout to place the Lollipops through. For this game its best to use Dum Dum Pops so you can fit a lot of them. Put a color dot on the bottom of each stick matching a category of prizes the player can pick from.
  1. Paratrooper Landing
    Players picks a Parajumper and launches it at various prizes scattered on the floor in front of them. The player then gets the prize they land closest to.