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Get the Best Gift for Mom

Motherhood is the only role I’ve ever had where I feel I can conquer any challenge thrown my way, but at the same time, feel like I’m running around like a chicken with its head chopped off.

I’m still perfecting the art of keeping my head attached, so a simple gesture of thoughtfulness from loved ones can go a long way in my book. No matter what Mother’s Day gift I end up with, it is truly the thought and intention behind it that will always remind me of the love that surrounds me everyday.

Photo Collage
Put together a photo collage to surprise mom when she walks to the kitchen on Mother’s Day morning. We love our Crystal Photo Frames with assorted etched phrases. Such a simple way to create an awesome, personalized gift using your favorite photos.

Wine Not?
Clearly, wine makes a great Mother’s Day gift, but it’s not very unique. How about pairing it with something a little more creative? Instead of jamming an old cork back in the bottle – which lets air pass through – give her a Wine Topper! This way, she can enjoy her wine tomorrow and, at the same time, be reminded of her family’s love and appreciation for her.

Hot Momma!
Help mom stay cool at the office – she works so hard to provide for the family! Powered from a USB port, these 8″ plastic Desktop Flower Fan fans have foam “petals” that spin to create a refreshing breeze.  You can even get her something as simple as our fun bright Rhinestone Pens!  Perfect for the office.

Donate Your Extras
Considering the fact that our products are sold in bulk, think about donating the extras to help brighten another mother’s day. Local shelters dedicated to mothers and children are always in need of support. This Mother’s Day, give back to other families with a donation of your excess items. Call your local shelter to find out how to donate.

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Can’t Get Enough Emojis

Spring is quickly approaching, and with it comes the unavoidable beginning of themed birthday parties.  Warm weather means fun parties outside for the kids and we have the perfect theme – Emojis!  These little guys have taken over the way we communicate and how we text.  Check out all the items below so that you can throw the perfect Emoji party!

Decorations – Stick with yellows and other bright colors for this kind of a party.  Try yellow plates and blue, red and yellow balloons.

Party favors – Grab some clear plastic party favor bags and toss some candy, bracelets and other fun little trinkets inside that kids will love.

Games – Have an Emoji pillow fight outside with our fun pillows.  This will keep kids occupied and they are fun decoration for your child’s room after the party is over.